How did we begin?

In 2003 a group of guys in a spare bedroom in Austin created a company called Rooster Teeth. They noticed a gap in content that appealed to a new generation who didn’t grow up watching cable TV. In 2003 we launched Red vs Blue, the longest running web-series and from there we took off. We now have broadcast shows, gameplay content, movies, events, and so much more. Over the course of 15 years, our audience has grown to have over 45 million engaged fans. From a spare bedroom to a massive professional production studio and offices in multiple cities, Rooster Teeth is positioned at the center of this massive cultural shift in entertainment viewing and technology adoption. 



The Power of community engagement

From when we first started, we’ve been building an engaged community of fans. Our fans are committed to our brand and incredibly supportive of all of our ambitious projects. Over the course of 15 years, we’ve done incredible things together.



Lazer Team

The Rooster Teeth community successfully crowd-funded our first movie Lazer Team. With them, we hit our goal within 10 hours and raised $2.48 million by the end of the campaign.

Million Dollars But... Card Game

A card game funded on Kickstarter and hit its goal within 2 minutes. In total $1.3 million was raised by the end of the campaign.   



A 24-hour livestreamed charity event where fans donated money, bought merchandise, and raised nearly $1.2 million in 2017. Over the past four years, Rooster Teeth has facilitated the donation of 3.7 million dollars to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through the participation of thousands of Rooster Teeth community members during Extra Life.